and Inclusion

Respect and inclusion are woven into the cultural fabric of Subaru. We value an environment that celebrates the uniqueness in each individual and the business perspectives that diverse employees, associates, partnerships and affiliations provide and the better business practices they can create. Diversity and Inclusion are key components in our decision-making process, and we look to our retailers, suppliers, and all of our business partners and associates to demonstrate the same commitment.

We are dedicated to supporting an environment in which diversity and inclusion are appreciated but we know there can always be enhancements. Therefore, we are committed to the concept of Kaizen, the Japanese word for continual improvement.

Mission and pledge

Diversity and inclusion are core values of our business and a part of our corporate culture. We actively encourage an environment in which the perspectives of our employees, retailers body, suppliers and vendors are valued regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, language, religion, nationality, age, physical ability, education, marital and parental status, geographic origin, socio-economic background, or life experiences. We recognize that diversity and inclusion are important to our company's growth and success and therefore, require a sustained commitment. To that end, we pledge that the organization will:

  • Value the principles of diversity and respect for individual differences
  • Foster an inclusive environment
  • Strive to attract, engage and retain a diverse workforce and manage differences with skill and sensitivity
  • Work to increase the diversity of our retailer body and to enhance its ability to respond to the needs of a diverse customer base
  • Encourage the participation of diverse businesses in our supplier and vendor groups
  • Serve as an example of diversity and inclusion efforts through our community service activities


Executive management recognized that to help focus the company's efforts on diversity it was important to involve executive leaders. As a result, Subaru executive management established:

  • The Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council comprised of a diverse group of more than a dozen members from executive management and other leaders within the company, to further develop the company's diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • In 2012, the Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council established the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, to expand the reach and increase the breadth of perspectives being tapped by the company and to help accomplish the company's diversity and inclusion goals. The Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council and Committee are shown above.


Subaru strives to create a spirit of inclusion, by bringing together employees with diverse backgrounds, talents, perspectives, and experience. Both our Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council and Committee regularly share ideas and goals in an effort to maintain a more inclusive work environment. We recognize that a diverse team makes for a strong and successful company. Domestic partner benefits, flex time, mentoring and networking program, and a lactation room are just a few of the many steps taken to meet the needs of our diverse employee workforce.

If you are interested in joining the Subaru team, please visit us at www.subaru.com/careers


Our retailer appointment process includes the identification of potential candidates from a diverse pool of candidates. We monitor our retailer body makeup on an ongoing basis and have a program in place to actively locate minority retailer candidates when opportunities are available.

One way in which Subaru accomplishes this is through our long standing relationship with the National Association of Minority Auto Dealers (NAMAD). For more than 15 years we have worked closely with NAMAD in our efforts to develop a diverse retailer body.

"Diversity is not just a business imperative at Subaru but is also part of their corporate culture. As we strive to promote a retailer body that better reflects the customer base, NAMAD values its long-term partnership with Subaru of America. Subaru is a manufacturer that is set apart from the rest with five consecutive years of growth. Increasing the number of Subaru minority retailers is a critical step on their road to greater success. We can count on Subaru to come to the table, year after year, and work toward our shared goal." – Damon Lester, President of NAMAD

Please visit the NAMAD site www.namad.org to learn more.


Subaru values relationships with suppliers who demonstrate commitment to diversity and inclusion. Diverse business perspectives produce a better business environment, and we appreciate this commitment from our partners. Subaru expects new and existing suppliers to embrace our focus on the benefits of diversity and inclusion. Some of the ways in which we accomplish this include:

  • Subaru informs suppliers of our belief that a diverse business environment will produce better business results, and request that they embrace this philosophy.
  • A provision included in our contract which sets forth our expectations regarding diversity and inclusion.
  • Subaru requests diversity information regarding a company's ownership and management.

The efforts of organizations like the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) and Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) are valued by Subaru. Please visit their sites to learn more:

  • National Minority Supplier Development Council – www.nmsdc.org
  • Women's Business Enterprise National Council – www.wbenc.org


Subaru of America has a rich history as a lifestyle marketer which ensures that a diverse customer base is reached in our marketing efforts. Companies we have partnered with include the Human Rights Coalition, Rainbow PUSH, LOGO TV Network and Urban Wheels.

To reach diverse communities, Subaru has created advertising specifically for Asian, African American, Latino and GLBT communities, to name a few.

Another example of our efforts to respond to a more diverse customer base include providing customer retailer service representatives that are fluent in Spanish. We further maintain our website’s shopping pages in Spanish and select pages in Chinese.


We fund a variety of initiatives that support diverse communities with our main focus on education, environment, youth initiatives, community programming, and teen safe driving programs.

One component of our support is through employee volunteerism in which employees are granted release time to participate in most of our activities. In 2012, more than 3,400 hours were donated to a wide range of activities that support diverse community efforts, such as hunger initiatives, providing of school supplies, and environmental clean-up, to name just a few. One example of our activities began in 2005 when Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service became the start of Subaru Legacy Days, Subaru of America’s annual corporate-wide volunteer event.

In addition to corporate support, the Subaru of the America Foundation has been supporting communities across the country since 1984. Some of our partnerships have included afterschool programs, literacy, and school and community gardens, to name just a few.

Subaru Partner Received Excellence in Diversity Award

Subaru is the lead funder of the Penn State Public Broadcasting documentary “Water Blues, Green Solutions,” and we congratulate our partner Penn State University for being selected as a recipient of the 2013 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award.